ABHC therapists recruiting for treatment!
ABHC has doctoral student therapists available to provide treatment for a number of anxiety and related conditions. Please refer to the Treatment section of this website for more information and give us a call to see if our services meet your needs. (

ABHC Now Offers Treatment for Insomnia
The ABHC is now offering cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia is affordable, brief, and does not involve taking medication. Call us today at 850-645-1766 for more information or to get started!

ABHC Receives Virtual Reality Grant!
In collaboration with other laboratories in the psychology department, the ABHC has received a grant to purchase virtual reality (VR) equipment to enhance the study and treatment of PTSD and other anxiety-related phenomena.

ABHC Publishes Two Studies Regarding Intolerance of Uncertainty
ABHC researchers recently published two studies regarding intolerance of uncertainty (IU). Brittany Mathes, Mary Oglesby, Nicole Short, Amberly Portero, Amanda Medley Raines, and Dr. Brad Schmidt’s manuscript titled “An examination of the role of intolerance of distress and uncertainty in hoarding symptoms” was published by Comprehensive Psychiatry in January 2017. Mary Oglesby and Dr. Brad Schmidt’s manuscript titled “The role of threat level and intolerance of uncertainty (IU) in anxiety: An experimental test of IU theory” is currently in press in Behavior Therapy.

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